Prayer is the Absence of Desire

One of the most common uses of prayer is to make requests. It might be to pray for somebody who is sick, pray for help with some sort of financial or emotional hardship, or pray for some sort of miracle to happen.

Whatever the prayer is for, the general request is for something to be different than it already is.

But God is perfect, and God is everything. And that means everything is perfect the way it is. It is only our perception of a person or situation that is not perfect.

The reason we think that we are lacking is because we have – at the level of human conscious – separated from God. But in reality we need nothing and we lack nothing. We already have everything, and only need to recognize this fact.

So when we pray, we do not need to pray to rectify a situation that is already perfect. We need to pray for the awareness that the situation is already perfect. Our prayers are to remove our perception that we are separate from God so we can once again realize that we are all a part of God, and that all is well and perfect.


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