The Healing Journey

The healing journey is a path of self-discovery. When your body becomes ill, it is frequently a signal that there is something within you that you have hidden from yourself. Often, it has been hidden away for so long that you don’t even remember what it is that you’ve buried.

Healing, therefore, is a journey of self-discovery. Your task is to journey inside and come face-to-face with all the unpleasant aspects of yourself and your relationships that you would rather avoid knowing on the conscious level. In short, the path of healing is the path of reuniting with yourself; of becoming one with yourself.

The role of the healer

All healing is self-healing. The healer is a guide who can show you the way and light the path ahead of you, but he cannot walk the path for you. The path to healing is your path; it is up to you to decide whether or not to take this journey.

The healer is responsible for being a channel via which a successful healing can occur. To be a good channel, the healer trains his body and mind via spiritual practices in order to both raise the vibration of the body and maintain steady control the mind.

In a healing session, the high vibration of the healer’s body will raise the vibration of the client’s body, with whom contact is established. The healer will then allow himself to be used as a channel for spirit to come in and perform a healing on the client.