Demystifying Psychic Abilities

Many people still have the belief that psychic abilities are either not real, or at the very least think they are “weird” or “of the devil”. But psychic abilities are actually another name for “spiritual gifts”. Additionally, almost everyone has such abilities; most of us simply don’t recognize them for what they are.

A Sea of Energy

We as humans like to think that we are separate from each other, but in fact we all are surrounded by, live inside of, and share a “sea” of energy with one another. This energy can be felt, and anyone and everyone can affect our shared energy space. Emotions are energy, thoughts are energy, and intentions are energy. Potentially, anything that we feel or think can be “shared” with others.

Think about a time when you entered a room after two people had been in an argument and had thought: “Wow, those two must have been in a fight. This room feels tense.” Even though you didn’t see or hear the argument, you can just feel that something had happened.

Many of us have had the experience of being in public and turning around to see somebody staring at us. Often, we don’t even know what made us turn around. But then we see the stranger looking at us and think “Oh, that’s what I was feeling.” Isn’t it interesting that we can know somebody is looking at us, even if he or she doesn’t touch us?

The reason this is possible is because the person is touching another energetically, and that can be felt. In general, any time we are looking at someone, or thinking about someone, we are actually reaching out and touching them at an energetic level. But we tend to ignore what we feel on the energetic level, and there are reasons for that:

  • First of all, there is a common expression that goes “I won’t believe it unless I see it”. Growing up, we are educated that if we can’t see something, then it is not real.
  • Anything that happens at the energetic (psychic) level is generally very subtle, at least at first. Therefore, it’s easy to overlook the fact that you are receiving psychic information.
  • Energetic perception is often (at least initially) perceived very much in the same way as what we ourselves think and imagine. For example, the thoughts that I think myself and the thoughts that I perceive psychically may sound exactly the same in my head (i.e., they both might sound like my own voice). Likewise, a scene that comes in my head psychically may appear in the same manner as if I had imagined it. To distinguish between the two, it’s necessary to question: did I think that, or did it come to me? And when we do question the source, it still isn’t always clear: there is often doubt.

More common than you think

I think most people completely underestimate the number of people who have psychic abilities. The main reason is that those who have them do not wish to discuss them because they are afraid others will consider them crazy. Additionally, it seems probably that the majority of people alive have had psychic experiences and also are afraid to discuss them. For instance, having a “dream” about a deceased loved one, or hearing the “voice of God” talking in your head. Once I was in a discussion in which a lady stated “I don’t want you to think I’m crazy, but I talk with dead people”. It turned out, the majority of people at the table had had at least one experience of talking to a dead person.

Types of psychic abilities

I’m not going to give an exhaustive list; rather I wanted to discuss some of the more common psychic abilities and explain conceptually how they work:

• Reading minds and telepathic communication

As mentioned earlier, all thought is energy. Reading minds is therefore the ability to “tap into” the energy where another person’s thoughts are. This is done via intention. I personally know multiple people who are able to do this. Initially it may seem like fun, but for people who have this gift it can often feel like wading through somebody else’s garbage or used laundry. I.e., it isn’t nearly as glamorous as it might seem. I would like to point out that many times, reading other’s thoughts is unintentional, which adds to the stress of having such a gift.

• Seeing spirits

Anyone who has a physical body experiences at a minimum of the three lower planes: the physical, emotional, and mental. Additionally, we all have souls which operate at multiple levels of the spiritual plane. “Normal” people only see the physical plane. Others can “see” the emotional level. I.e., they can see the emotions you are experiencing at any given moment as if they were physical objects. And still others can see on one or more levels of the spiritual plane. At the spiritual level, you can see not only the souls of those who are alive, but also the souls of those who are not presently incarnated. It’s also possible to see other types of entities at this level, including fairy tale creatures, and the spirits who are caretakers for animals and plants.

• Channeling

Channeling is the ability to receive communication from entities on the spiritual level. Like other abilities, this one usually takes a lot of practice. Often a channel will establish a close connection with the same entity for an extended period of time. For instance, you might hear someone say that she channels a certain archangel (such as Archangel Michael), ascended master (such as Jesus Christ), or a group of spirits (such as The Council of Light).

When reading channeled material, it is necessary to use caution. First or all, not all spiritual entities who work with channels have the best intentions. Additionally, channeling is rarely 100% accurate. The material being channeled comes through a person, and that person’s channeling will be “individualized” in a similar way that a drawing of the same subject will differ from person to person.

• Predicting the future

Science has already proven that time is relative, and there is also the idea that time doesn’t exist, but instead everything exists in the “now”. With this in mind, it is also possible to predict likely future events by tapping into the energy of a “future now”.

The possibility of predicting the future in itself has a tendency to scare people. Knowing the future can seem like “too much power”; it can also cause people to assume that the future is set in stone. However, this is not the case.

The future depends upon our choices in the present. But given a particular situation, it is possible to predict the likely outcome for that situation. The closer the event is to happening, the more “solidified” that future possibility becomes.  Therefore, future events that are far away may seem “hazy”, while any events that will happen a few days out from the present may be a lot clearer. In any case, there is always a chance that a prediction will not occur, so this should be taken into account when discussing any future predictions.

Psychic Abilities in Children

Many of us are born with psychic abilities as children, but we forget about them as we grow into adulthood. Psychic abilities are like everything else: if we don’t develop them, they atrophy. So if a person see auras as a child, for example, but cannot validate the experience with others, this person will often start to invalidate his own experiences. And after a while, this ability will begin to fade.

Another common occurrence is parents who don’t properly understand what their children are experiencing. For instance, when a child is talking to a spirit, the parents might dismiss this as the child “talking to herself”, or talking to her “imaginary friends”.

Even worse, sharing one’s psychic experiences can lead to negative consequences. For instance, a child’s psychic abilities will sometimes cause parents to become concerned that their child isn’t normal and “needs help”. This is often the case for a child who “hears voices”. Parents with no knowledge of such gifts might attempt to “cure” their children via medication. Additionally, when people with these gifts become young adults, they can easily become suicidal if they continue to be treated as mentally sick.

Developing these Spiritual Gifts

As the planet itself continues to develop spiritually, the number of children born with psychic/spiritual abilities will continue to increase. It is therefore important for everyone – especially the parents – to be aware that these abilities are normal. Furthermore, it is important to understand that these abilities can be difficult to “live with” until they can be developed and properly controlled.

Anyone who has children with such gifts, or wishes to enhance his or her own abilities, is encouraged to look for mentors who are experienced with using such gifts. For children especially, it is helpful to simply have someone to talk with and validate their experiences.

As these abilities are developed, it will eventually become clear how these gifts can be used – not just for personal benefit – but for the benefit of others as well. And as the number of people with such gifts increases, the connections among humanity will increase. And the connections between humanity, the planet, and the spirit world will also increase. This will lead to an increase in cooperation and peace on a planetary level, to the benefit of not just everyone now, but for future generations to come as well.