“Hate shaming” Breeds Violence

As human beings, each one of us – without exception – harbors negative emotions. If negative emotions are not allowed to be consciously expressed in a healthy manner, they will eventually “express themselves” in an unhealthy manner, against one’s conscious wishes.

If a person does not feel safe to express hate verbally, the suppressed hate will often be expressed physically in a violent manner.

Attacking expressions of hate leads to others feeling guilty for being aware of the hate inside them. There is no justification for being ashamed of one’s hate, just as there is no justification for being ashamed of one’s sexuality or race.

Negative expressions of emotions can be channeled into creative projects, such as paintings, poetry, or music. But most vital is the need to simply allow the negative emotions, including hate, to be felt without judging them. By allowing ourselves to feel negative emotions, we can release them.

Many people fear their negative emotions. They think by allowing their negative emotions to exist, they won’t be able to control themselves. In fact, the opposite is true: by feeling your negative emotions, they will “pass through you” without any residual negative consequences.

But if emotions are not allowed to be felt, their are indeed negative consequences. First, the buildup of negative emotions leads to energetic blocks in the body which inhibit the healthy flow of energy. Such blocks can eventually lead to illness. The suppression of negative emotions also leads to depression. Finally, suppressing negative emotions leads to uncontrollable behavior, such as verbal attacks and potentially physical violence.

Violence is the inevitable result of shaming people for expressing themselves. It is the result of not allowing people to be true to what they are feeling at the moment. Never judge a person for his expression of emotions. Simply allow people to be with what they are feeling.

In short, we cannot stop hate directly by “shaming it out of existence”. But we can transcend hate by allowing it to be expressed, thereby releasing it. This transcendence of hate will lead to a decrease in violence, and an increase in the capacity to love.