Is The Apocalypse Upon Us?

With a pandemic spreading across the globe and the stock markets in turmoil, one might wonder if this is indeed the start of the Apocalypse? In this article, I will explain the purpose of the Apocalypse from a spiritual (as opposed to religious) point of view. In addition, I will make clear why the choices we make at this point in time are extremely important, and how they will shape the immediate future of our planet.

Before going any further however, I do want to suggest that the Apocalypse, as described in the Bible, was a fate that we humans narrowly escaped from over 30 years ago. This article will further explain:

  • The Spiritual Meaning of Crisis
  • The purpose of the Apocalypse
  • How the Apocalypse was averted
  • A brief description of the Apocalypse
  • What is happening currently, and why
  • What we need to know and do right now

To understand the Apocalypse, it’s necessary to realize that the Earth is also spiritually evolving, and not just the humans living on it. The Apocalypse is therefore the Earth’s equivalent of a “mid-life” crisis. So to truly understand the Apocalypse, it’s necessary to recognize the spiritual role of a mid-life crisis, or more generally, any type of major life crisis.

All individuals on Earth have free choice; there is no predestination. What is less understood is that a person’s choices exactly define a person’s future life events. In other words, what a person attracts into his or her life is directly related to the choices that the individual makes. Note that this isn’t just about deciding how to act, but also deciding what to think. (And despite common opinion to the contrary, thoughts do have consequences. Furthermore, habitual thoughts have serious consequences.)

When it comes to a major life crisis, this is simply life’s “emergency protocol” for signalling to a person that something in his or her life is in need of adjustment (from a spiritual point of view). Note that a major life crisis isn’t necessary: a person could potentially make choices that would avoid life crises altogether. Up to this point, however, the individual has failed to bring his or her life back into balance. The crisis indicates not only that major changes are necessary to bring one’s life back into balance, but that the changes can no longer be postponed if there is to be any chance of a “happy ending”.

Long before a crisis occurs, life will drop subtle hints that something is not quite right. But therein lies the issue: because subtle hints are much less painful, they are often ignored. Note that these hints are not something that life is doing “to you” as punishment. Instead, they are the result of something in life being out of balance. And when something remains out of balance long enough, it’s only a matter of time before the result is a much more painful life crisis.

The Earth’s Mid-life Crisis

Looking at the bigger picture, the Apocalypse was a future crisis that mankind was faced with in the event that the human race as a whole refused to “get it’s spiritual act together”. As already mentioned, the apocalyptic scenario was avoided. This was made possible due to the diligent efforts of a certain number of spiritually-minded individuals.

Note that both the Earth and its inhabitants vibrate at a certain frequency. Additionally, the range at which people vibrate varies widely. A person who is more spiritually evolved will vibrate at a higher rate than someone who is less spiritual. To avoid the Apocalypse, the vibration of the human race as a whole reached a high-enough threshold so as to avoid the worst-case scenario of the Apocalypse. I.e., it was the high vibration of spiritually-developed people living on this planet who were able to raise the collective threshold above the level needed to avoid an apocalyptic event.

Even though the worst appears to have been avoided, there is still much work to be done. It won’t be easy, because the Apocalypse itself was to act as an impossible-to-ignore sign that drastic action was necessary to restore spiritual balance on this planet. And because the Apocalypse did not occur, there are still many people on this planet that have no awareness of spirituality in general, much less the spiritual situation of the planet. Meanwhile, these people continue to ignorantly act in ways that create imbalance for the planet as a whole.

For the record: when I talk about a spiritual imbalance, I mean that there are still too many people who are living their lives from an extremely egotistical point of view. This egotism fuels greed, which is wreaking havoc on this planet, and has been for centuries. In the meantime, the planet itself has been moving into a new phase of spiritual development that is no longer in alignment with the vibration of the people who inhabit it. Something is going to have to give.

The Apocalypse: What We Avoided

The Apocalypse was a series of alarming events that were to have originally occurred in the 1980s. These events would have happened over a series of 7 years, with the worst events (known as The Rapture) happening at the very end of the last year.

There would be many events and tragedies leading up to the Rapture. These would have included devastating volcanic activities and earthquakes, plagues and pandemics covering the globe, and a possible (small-scale) nuclear war. There would have also been many astrological signs that could be used to confirm that The Rapture was quickly approaching.

The purpose of all the events was never meant as a punishment. Instead, they were meant to shock people out of their old ways, and to provide everyone with a chance to realize that humanity would literally destroy itself if drastic changes were not made. It would be akin to waking a person out of a trance by splashing cold water into his or her face. In short, it was to be the ultimate wake-up call.

At the end of the seven-year period, The Rapture would be a final set of trials for those who had not yet committed themselves to the spiritual path. However, these trials could also be seen as final “chances” to change, because that was ultimately their purpose. Such trials would have included terrifying creatures roaming the planet, the temporary extinguishment of the sun, and other frightening occurrences. During this time, any soul who chose to commit to the spiritual path by praying for Divine help would potentially be “saved”.

The Consequences of Escaping the Apocalypse

As terrifying as the Apocalypse would have been, the silver lining is that the purification process of the human race would have been much quicker. We would currently be living in much greater harmony, without war, political conflict and greed. However, the positive side of avoiding the Apocalypse is the potential of more souls having the chance to make necessary spiritual changes before it becomes too late.

In the meantime, serious growing pains continue. The younger generations being born on this planet, in general, are of a higher vibrational frequency than all previous generations. As such, many are intolerant to lower-vibrational foods, such as red meat, sugar, wheat, and dairy products.

In addition, the younger generation has a much higher aptitude for psychic abilities, which the older generations don’t have or understand in the slightest. Parents wrongly believe that their children are talking to “invisible friends”, or that the “scary monster” at night is a figment of their child’s imagination. The children on this planet are very much misunderstood, and are finding it difficult to cope in a world that is run based on egocentric principles. Depression, suicide, and high drug use among youth is all but guaranteed to remain a problem until the human race makes significant spiritual progress.

Likewise, the older generations are also in trouble. Without an obvious wake-up call, it is hard for people to realize the necessity of immediate action. There is almost no knowledge of the fact that many people are not currently capable of returning to this planet. Because the vibration of the Earth has recently reached the 5th dimension (i.e. Christ-consciousness, which equates to universal love for one’s fellow man), these individuals must raise their own vibrations to match the Earth’s. Failure to do so will result in not being capable of returning to planet Earth in the next lifetime. It simply won’t be possible. For many, this lifetime is the last one that people have to spiritually evolve to the necessary level needed to continue calling the planet Earth their home.

The Current Situation

At this current moment in time, we have a pandemic sweeping the globe, and growing financial crisis, and locusts spreading across parts of Africa and Asia. The current trends indicate that the overall situation is going to get worse before it gets better. This doesn’t mean that we will experience events that are anywhere nearly as devastating as those that might have occurred during the Apocalypse. Additionally, the current crisis is the result of necessary changes that we as a human race have not been able to implement without these crises occurring. And what happens next, and how bad it will get, is still completely up to us.

If we continue to panic and think egocentrically, the result will be even more tragic events and serious consequences. On the other hand, if we decide to correctly interpret these events as opportunities to change for the better, we can avert some of the potential pain that will otherwise come our way. Once again: the choice is ours.

Action Plan: Healing the Crisis

We are still at a crossroads of sorts. Catastrophes tend to bring out both the best and the worst in people. If our current growing pains result in bringing out the worst on a large scale, then it will prolong the pain and make the situation even worse. It would be analogous to a person who refuses to change his life for the better following a mild heart attack. Avoidance of correct action cannot result in positive change.

These chaotic events in the world provide us with a chance for much needed self-reflection. We need to recognize how our actions and intentions have caused these events. We also need to learn to act and think differently in order to heal ourselves and our planet.

One thing that is very much needed at this time is the willingness to help others. In periods of chaos, selfish thinking leads to panic and conflict. When people think about and care for others, it unites us all in love and compassion for our fellow human beings.

It is also recommended to pray for one another. Our prayers will set our intentions for helping others. This sets the foundation for aligning our selfless actions with our selfless intentions.

Make it your purpose in life to find ways to help others. There is no other light like yours on this planet. Everyone is unique and has his or her own gifts to offer. It does not matter how big or small the impact is. Each person has a spiritual role and mission to accomplish in this lifetime. Ask God what you can do to help others. And ask God to be guided in life to find your life purpose.

Remember that we don’t need to try to change others. We only need to continue to strive in changing ourselves. As we continue to personally develop, we will become a light and an example for others. It is by shining our lights that we will motivate others to change. And every soul that we motivate to change will be a reward that is incomparable to any type of material possession or worldly honor that we could obtain in this lifetime.

Photo Credit: Dean Moriarty