What are the Akashic Records?


One interesting tool for people on the spiritual path is referred to as the “Akashic Records” in most New Age literature. But the Akashic Records are nothing new; in the Bible they have been referred to as the “Book of Life” or “Book of Remembrance”. Although the religious interpretation of the purpose of these books does not necessarily correspond with the New Age understanding of the Akashic Records, this is not important. I am merely pointing out that the Akashic Records are not a new concept.

The Akashic Records themselves are an exact account of everything that has ever transpired in a person’s life. Each person has their own records, although these records will of course overlap with other’s. Although the records might be thought of as a book, they are really more of a “full experience” recording of events. When the Akashic Records are accessed, the reader will be able to view events as they happened visually and even experientially.

Additionally, these records are not subjective. The records are an exact record of the events as they happened. In addition, they include an exhaustive set of perspectives. In other words, the records also allow a person to view the events experienced by each individual in any given scene. To give an example: suppose a person is accessing records about a car accident in which she was involved. The records will not only show what actually happened, but also show how each person experienced the events. If the person who caused the car accident didn’t realize he was at fault, the Akashic Records will indicate this fact.

The Life Review

The study of near-death experiences has made it clear that one of the common things that happens to people upon death is a life review. This is commonly referred to in the phrase “my whole life flashed before my eyes”. Upon death, a person will be given the opportunity to review his or her entire life by studying the Akashic Records for the lifetime that just ended.

However, the life review is not just about watching a movie of one’s life. Instead, one of the elements common in many life reviews is experiencing the action from the point of view of all other people in one’s life. So for example, if you broke up with a person in that lifetime, you would experience the breakup from the perspective of the person you broke up with. You would feel that pain of the other person that you caused by breaking up with that person.

It is also possible to see just how far the effects of your actions reach. As an example, if you become angry and yell at a person, you will see how the person you yelled at is affected. And in addition, you will see how the negative mood of this person in turn affects other people and so on. This reaction is like a stone which you throw into the water: your negative action spreads out negativity in all directions until the energy finally dissipates.

A further aspect of the life review is that a person can sometimes choose to see what would have happened if different choices had been made. This might interest those who have made decisions in life which were later regretted. As a consequence, the life review will allow these individuals to see how life would have turned out differently had a different choice been made.

Accessing the Akashic Records

Up until very recently, the Akashic Records were only accessible by people who had a certain level of spiritual development. However, that appears to have changed. With the dawn of the New Age, it is my understanding that the Akashic Records are now potentially available to anyone who wishes to access them.

Accessing the Akashic Records themselves seems to require a rather specific technique, which is outside the scope of this article. There are some books available that will help anyone who is interested to find out exactly how to open the records. It’s possible there is also information available online.

One thing to note is that it is against “spiritual etiquette” to open up anybody else’s records but your own. Whether or not it is allowed is hard to say, but I would definitely advise against trying: one of the quickest ways to fall off the spiritual path is to use spiritual tools and gifts for selfish reasons.

An exception to the “personal records only” rule is for Akashic Record readers. If you choose to do so, you can request an experienced reader to read your records for you. In this case, the reader (with your permission) will access your records and help guide you through them.

Using the Akashic Records

In general, it is not a good idea to use the records just to satisfy your curiosity. For instance, you may be tempted to want to know if you were famous in a previous life. However, without a spiritual reason for needing to know this information, you are using a spiritual tool without a legitimate reason.

Healing the Past

One thing that the Akashic Records are useful for is exploring transference issues. For instance, suppose you acted to an event in a certain way that was completely irrational. Or suppose you have a phobia and wish to understand the origin. In such cases, you could search the Akashic Records to find out if there is a cause from a past life.

In a personal example, I used the Akashic Records to understand why my ex-wife became so angry with me for deciding to pursue a spiritual career. When accessing the Akashic Records via a professional reader/healer, I found out that in a previous life I had been killed for pursuing the path of a spiritual healer. In that lifetime, my ex-wife had been my step-daughter. Even though she doesn’t remember the events of that lifetime, the fear from what happened when I chose a spiritual career in this lifetime did carry over. As a result, her response in the current lifetime was so out of proportion to my decision that it left me both confused and hurt.

Another use of the Akashic Records is to explore health issues that might be related to previous lives. As another personal example, I have some issues related to my throat. In exploring the Akashic Records with a reader, I discovered that in a previous lifetime I had died suddenly when my spouse cut my throat. This left the part of me from that lifetime in a state of shock, and she was still in need of healing at the time that the records were accessed. As a result, the healer was able to help guide me in giving this lady an energy healing as a way of helping bring closure to the events that occured at the end of that lifetime.

 Exploring Future Possibilities

Recently while attending a workshop about Akashic Records, I discovered that they could be used not only for the past, but the future as well. The workshop was led by a lady who is one of the current leading experts on the Akashic Records, and has written a book about how to use them.

In the workshop, she explained that future possibilities are included in the Akashic Records. What happens is that when a person has a decision to make, the future life paths corresponding with each choice will appear in the records. But it isn’t possible to see very far into the future, because that will depend on still other decisions. However, any choice that you are seriously considering will show up in the records.

Part of the reason for this is that whatever you think about, you are feeding energy into. So when you consider two different options, you are “energizing” both of those. Once a definite decision is made, any other life paths based on alternative choices will disappear from the records.

Exploring Present Conflicts

Another use of the Akashic Records is for understanding present conflicts. For an example, let’s suppose that a mother and her grown daughter are having serious relationship issues due to some sort of disagreement. For instance, the mother may think that her daughter needs to get married or get a job or make some other serious life choice. One option that the mother has is to open up her records to explore the conflict from the point of view of the daughter. By doing so, she would be able to experience the issue from the daughter’s point of view, and have a much clearer understanding of why the daughter does not want to behave in the way that the mother wishes.


The Akashic Records are an important spiritual tool that is now available for access by anyone who wishes to do so. As with all spiritual tools, the Akashic Records should be used responsibly and with positive intentions. And if used correctly, there is potential to use this gift in ways that can have a great benefit for oneself and others.

Photo credit: George Sharvashidze