The Spiritual Meaning of the Coronavirus

From a spiritual perspective, the coronavirus is about changing patterns. The virus itself has been very disruptive to standard patterns of life, such as going to work or school, or socializing with others. The energy this virus brings with it is the energy to disrupt and change old patterns that don’t work and desperately need to be replaced.

As the virus helps us accomplish this at the global level, it provides us with a great opportunity to change old patterns at the personal level as well. Changing our (destructive) patterns is scary, but we will all benefit from such an experience in the long run.

Those that are responding to the virus with fear are simply more afraid of change in general, and afraid of not being in control. Such fear can be mitigated by having faith that the changes we are experiencing together will ultimately lead us to a world with more love, faith, and compassion for one another.

Image by: Gerd Altmann