You Are Never Alone: Intro to Spirit Helpers

You Are Never Alone

Life is full of ups and downs, and at certain times can take some very dark turns. It is very hard in such moments to make sense of what is happening. And in these difficult experiences, it can seem that one is all alone in what seems like a very cruel world. It’s important to realize that no matter how hard life becomes at any given moment, the situation is never hopeless and nobody is ever completely alone.

Practical Concerns

In the spirit world, there is always someone at your side 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In most cases, there will be several helpers. And although this might bring some comfort, it can also raise a couple of “concerns”.

First of all, the idea that some spirit helper is watching over us ALL of the time can seem a little creepy. There are certain activities that most of us would rather do without “spiritual peeping toms” staring at us. So it’s helpful to understand that those on the spiritual plane don’t see the world quite the same way we do. While incarnated beings see the physical world, the entities on the spiritual plane view reality more in terms of colors and vibrations of our energy fields rather than our physical bodies.

Another issue with those that are watching us is the issue of judgement. We are human, after all, so it may not seem comforting to know that spirits observe every single mistake we make. In addition, these spiritual companions observe all the hateful things that we do on purpose.

We already judge ourselves, and have plenty of regrets and shame about the things we have done. Therefore, it’s worth understanding that our spirit guides are watching us from a higher dimension that has no judgement, but only unconditional love. Our guides do not judge us; they know that life is difficult and that we will often make mistakes. They are with us because they love us and want to support us through all the various experiences in life.

Types of Spiritual Helpers

This article is going to briefly describe the types of spiritual helpers that we have with us on a daily basis. Some of these helpers are loved ones who are currently deceased, but others are spirits of people we have never met in life. In addition, there are angel helpers, which are in their own category.

Personal Spirit Guides

A person usually has more than one spirit guide. There is typically a main guide that is with you through your entire life, and has potentially been guiding you through many lifetimes. Alternately, your spirit guide could technically be a group of guides. These group guides will sometimes refer to themselves by a certain name, but it also might be something generic such as simply “the guides”.

Other guides who are helping the main guide may be with you simply for a specific incarnation. For example, you could have a spirit guide who was a partner or friend from a recent past life, and desires to help you with a particular lesson in the current life.

There are also guides who may only be helping you to accomplish a certain task. These spirit guides can help bring in creative energy for writing a book, composing a song, or making a scientific discovery.

A further category of spirit guides is comprised of loved ones who have passed away during your current lifetime. Such spirits may choose to stay close to the Earth plane for a while to watch over those that they are just left behind. Eventually, however, it is necessary for these spirits to move on to the plane where spirits “live” between lives.

And finally, your main spirit guide may actually be your higher self. For those that have contact with their guides, this fact isn’t always obvious, as the higher self has its own name that is different than yours. Note that the higher self isn’t really “you” per se, but rather the “real you” that you generally have no awareness of. The entity that you generally consider to be yourself is the ego self, which has a self-centered perception. The higher self, in contrast, perceives from a place of Christ-consciousness (i.e. unconditional love).

Angels and Guardian Angels

As opposed to the guides that we have just discussed, angels are in a separate category altogether. Angels, unlike humans and their guides, have never incarnated (at least not as humans). Angels also do not have free will: they are unable to perform any action that would run counter to the will of God.

In addition to spirit guides, each person has a guardian angel. A guardian angel is assigned to each person at birth and stays by our side for our entire life. It is like having a personal ambassador from God with you at all times.

There are many different types of angels in addition to guardian angels. One important category worth mentioning are the archangels. Even some people view archangels as a religious phenomenon, archangels transcend all religions: anyone can seek help from an archangel.

If God is thought of as light, then the archangels oversee the different color rays that make up the light of God. These rays correspond to different aspects of God. Traditionally, Archangel Michael serves the first ray, which corresponds to protection and faith. As such, one can call on Archangel Michael in an emergency situation when one’s life is in danger. For healing, a person can call on Archangel Raphael, who serves on the 5th ray.

What Spirit Helpers Can Do

Spirit helpers provide a number of functions. But they cannot directly interfere with free will. Instead, they can only provide indirect hints, guidance, dreams, and other signs that can potentially influence a certain decision. For example, a guardian angel might be able to influence a stranger to help in time of need. However, the stranger could act on this “intuition”, or completely ignore it.

By using various methods, spirit helpers can assist in a variety of functions. For example, helpers can try to help a person break a repeating life pattern that is causing negative consequences. Helpers can also use their influence to set up life situations that are necessary for spiritual development, such as going to a specific school or meeting a specific partner.

Asking for Assistance

The purpose of spiritual helpers is not to fulfill our “Christmas wish” of wants and desires. If you ask your guides and angel for money, fame, and glory, you are going to be disappointed with the results. The entire point of life on Earth is spiritual development. Therefore, you should keep in mind that the trials, problems, and disappointments that you encounter in your life are there FOR you. When you ask for your troubles to disappear, you are defeating the purpose of life.

However, that doesn’t mean that there is nothing to ask for. Don’t be afraid to call upon your spirit helpers anytime you need help with the following:

  • Strength to get through tough moments in life
  • Help in understanding why you facing a difficult time
  • Faith that everything will turn out the way that it needs to, according to Divine Will
  • Assistance in letting go of worry, despair, grief, despair, hatred, etc.

The Ascended Masters

Another group of helpers worth mentioning are the ascended masters. An ascended master is simply a person who is at the point in his or her spiritual development where it is no longer necessary to incarnate in a physical body. Jesus and Buddha are the most well-known ascended masters. Lesser-known ascended masters include El Morya, St. Germain, Hilarion, and the Maha Chohan.

The ascended masters can be thought of as our older spiritual brothers and sisters. Since we are all working towards the goal of ascension (whether we realize it or not), they are a good resource for spiritual wisdom. The ascended masters can be called upon for guidance, and they sometimes act as spiritual teachers for select individuals.

Note that even though they are no longer incarnating, the ascending masters continue to evolve spiritually just like we on Earth do. In fact, we on Earth will eventually take over the responsibilities and roles of the ascended masters once they and we progress spiritually. The ascended masters are literally training their “replacements”, so never be afraid to ask them for assistance.


The last type of helper I want to mention is an avatar. There are various definitions for this term; the one I am referring to in this article is that of a person who is aware of his divine nature from birth. Such people have no need to incarnate, but due so simply out of love for humanity. Avatars are extremely rare; the only contemporary avatar that I’m aware of is Sai Baba. He lived as Shirdi Sai Baba until 1918, and then came back as Sathya Sai Baba until his death in 2011. The presence of a living avatar is a great blessing for the entire planet. In between incarnations, Sai Baba can still be contacted, especially by those who are already on the spiritual path and seeking guidance.