Transitioning to 5D: A Practical Approach

Understanding 5D

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of discussion in the spiritual “arena” concerning 5D and 5D consciousness This article explains what 5D is all about, and how you can transform your life by transitioning to 5D.

For anyone who is unsure: yes, “5D” is referring to the 5th dimension. And when it comes to dimensions, the first thing to understand is that they are not actually places, but “states of consciousness”. What this means is that you don’t travel between dimensions; instead you switch between them via altering your awareness (which is not really that complicated). In fact, people often switch between 3D, 4D, and 5D multiple times throughout the day without even realizing it. Below are descriptions of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th dimension levels of consciousness.

The 3rd Dimension

Anyone who thinks of dimensions as locations will likely assume that they are always in the 3rd dimension. Although this is not correct, we do spend a lot of time in this state. To be in 3D, a person’s attention must be focused on the present, physical environment. Being in 3D is characterized by the following:

  1. Being mentally focused on what you perceive with your physical senses (i.e. not daydreaming of fantasizing). This is what is different from 4D.
  2. Behaving and thinking from the standpoint that your physical self is separate from other people and the rest of the world. This is what is different from 5D.

The 4th Dimension

We can choose to enter the 4th dimension whenever we wish. The 4th dimension occurs when we are fantasizing, daydreaming, remembering the past, or visualizing the future. In 4D, we lose the restriction of distance: we can “travel” anywhere we want just by thinking about it, including the past or the future.

We are also in the 4th dimension in our dreams. For those that are familiar with astral travel, note that the astral “world” is inside of the 4th dimension. I.e., you astral travel by thinking about where you want to be, and then you are there. (For the record: it is not recommended to astral travel without guidance and training, as the astral world is still dualistic and therefore is not without its own set of “hazards”.)

The 5th Dimension

There is a drastic change from the 4th to the 5th dimension. First of all, the 4th dimension is the last dimension in duality (good v.s bad, light vs. dark, love vs. fear). In the 5th dimension, there is only good, only light, and only love. Perhaps most importantly, there is no “I” versus “other”: there is only One.

Additionally, the restriction of linear time does not exist in the 5th dimension. This is what leads people to claim that time is an illusion. (On the one hand, there is some truth to the idea that time is an illusion. One the other hand, it is deceptive to say that ONLY time is an illusion when taking into consideration that the 3D world as a whole can be considered an illusion.) So yes, the 3D world can be thought of as artificial, “virtual reality”. But to say that the world is not real is somewhat counterproductive. When you are in a 3D state of mind, the physical world seems real. Calling the 3D world an illusion doesn’t produce any practical results other than inflating the ego by showing off your spiritual knowledge (which keeps you in 3D).

To summarize, here is a table of dimensions 3-5:

# Dimensions Name of World Type
3rd space (x,y,z) physical dualistic
4th 3-D + distance astral
5th 4-D + linear


spiritual non-dualistic

Please note that there are many other dimensions above the 5th, but those are outside the scope of the current article.

Also, it’s worth noting that the theories of quantum physics explain 5th dimensional reality. One of the reasons that quantum physics has not yet been widely accepted in our society (even though it has been around for approximately 100 years now) is because it explains phenomena that are “outside of” the 3D world. For instance, quantum physics understands that objects that are not connected to each other can and do influence each other. Spiritual concepts such as energy healing (including long distance healing) and psychic gifts are explained by the theories in quantum physics.

Dimensions and Karma

Few people today realize the practical implications of how the dimensions and karma are related to each other. In addition to our physical body (3D body) and our eternal soul (5D body), we also have a 4D body: the astral body. The astral body carries our karma from one lifetime to the next. During physical life, our karma is not visible to the physical eye.

The process of physical death occurs when the soul and astral body leave the physical body (in contrast to just the astral body leaving the physical body during the dream state). After death, our identity transfers from the physical body to the astral body, and the astral body exists in the astral world until the next incarnation. In the astral world, our karma is clearly visible: the astral body symbolically displays our karma.

When we are in the astral world, our actions do not have karmic consequences. In other words, we can only accumulate negative and positive karma while incarnated in a physical body. And accumulating karma has much more at stake than simply future consequences in physical life. In short: once we have balanced all negative karma with positive karma, the astral body will disintegrate and the cycle of reincarnation is broken. Said another way, we must either release negative karma (via pain) or accumulate positive karma (via selfless actions) until our positive karma equals negative karma. At this point, it is not necessary for us to return to Earth, as we have completed all lessons that we came to learn in the dualistic environment.

Without a physical or astral body, there is nothing to keep us “bound” to a dualistic reality. But it is important to understand that we can only clear our karma while incarnated in a physical body. This is why souls willingly choose again and again to incarnate into physical bodies: it is only in the 3rd dimension that we have the chance to work on “escaping” from dualistic reality, and return to a permanent state of unconditional light and love.

Living in 5D

The key to balancing karma is via living in a state of 5D consciousness. In 5D, a person recognizes that everyone and everything is connected. This is not something that can be understood at the mental level however. It is something that has to be felt.

5D means unconditionally loving everything and every situation. This isn’t possible from a 3D perspective that believes that everything is separate. From the ego perspective, everything is a matter of what you can get from others, and what they can give to you. It also thinks in terms of what you can give others, and what they will accept from you. The ego views in terms of loving others, and attacking others. There is fear that the ego will not get what it wants.

In contrast, the 5D state of mind has no agenda. It realizes that “everybody” already has “everything”. Any apparent conflict or issue is only a misperception of reality. Emotions are not good or bad: they are all either love or the distortion of love. In 5D, a person is at peace with any situation.

Negative karma occurs when a person acts from 3D consciousness. In other words: selfish intention leads to negative karma. In contrast, selfless acts lead to positive karma.

Transitioning to 5D consciousness is a process; it is something that must be practiced. As Jesus said: love God with all thy heart, and love thy neighbor as thyself. In other words, love everything and everyone. It’s extremely simple, but it’s not easy.

What most people don’t realize, however, is that love is controlled by will. You don’t hate certain people and love others. (It is true that falling in love is beyond one’s control, but this is a different matter.) Instead, the people you have difficulty getting along with are typically the ones that you have unresolved karma with from previous lives. Note that until you have completely forgiven every person in your life, you will not be able to escape the cycle of reincarnation.

Individual Consciousness

One thing that is important to note is that being in 5D does not mean you lose your personality. Instead, the entire point of the human experience is to develop a unique identity. This might seem a little bit contradictory, so let me take a moment to briefly explain.

“In the beginning”, there was just “Love”/God/all. Which was fine, except for Love wanted to feel itself. It wanted the experience of loving and being loved. This necessitated the creation of unique personalities.

But it is impossible to create unique personalities in a 5D environment. Step one was to put these creations in a dualistic world and have them experience separation. This is what the “Fall of Man” was all about. Step two (an extremely difficult task) was for each unique personality to teach itself how to love in order to ascend out of duality. This could not be forced. It had to occur by free will. Think of the analogy of a parent who is always telling their child how to behave. If the child is always forced to act a certain way, they will never be able to act independently. It is the same concept with spiritual development. If we are forced to love, we will never be able to act and love from our own free will. So without free will, the individual consciousness cannot exist.

Please note that this is an extreme oversimplification of the purpose of life and the creation of humankind. But hopefully, this makes the meaning of life a little bit more clear.

Cultivating Love

In a certain sense, it could be said that learning how to love is the purpose of physical life (at this stage of human development). What is not well-understood is that love is something that you control by will. In other words, you can learn to love anybody you want, no matter how much you currently hate certain people. Learning to love all others – like everything else in life – takes practice. And the more that you practice loving with others, the more this will become a habit (until eventually it becomes a permanent state).

Practicing love also has a practical use: it is via our hearts that we are able to connect with the 5D aspect of ourselves. Therefore, the more we practice loving others, the more deeply we will be capable of loving others. Additionally, our capacity to love others directly corresponds with our capacity to love ourselves.

How to cultivate love:

Start by visualizing of a person or pet that you love dearly. Feel your heart feel with love for this person or animal. Notice how your body feels. Then “turn off” this love. Turn on the love again. Notice that you can do this at will.

Next, “turn on the love” while thinking about someone that you are neutral about. After you can do this, practice turning on the love while visualizing people that you have conflicts with, hold grudges against, etc. Practice this until it becomes easy.

The next step is to practice cultivating love in daily life as often as possible. Therefore, anytime you think about it, consciously open your heart. Note that negative emotions cannot arise in you if you are in a loving state.

Caveat: this is not the same as suppressing emotions. Suppressing emotions is when you start to feel a negative emotion, but don’t let it fully express itself. In contrast: when your heart is open, negative thoughts and emotions cannot “enter” your body. This is because emotions are felt due to the body’s vibrations. In reality, all emotions exist all the time. They are not “our” emotions; we are simply “tuning into” a certain emotion. In other words, we “channel” the emotions that we feel. Therefore, it is possible to learn to channel love on a regular basis.

Another very beneficial practice is that of forgiveness. To do so, here is a powerful practice that you can try. Think of the person who you want to forgive. Say to yourself or out loud: “(Person’s name), I forgive you for ________”. Next, visualize that person being genuinely happy. Imagine in your mind that this person is laughing, having a great time, surrounded by loved ones, etc. You want to keep up this visualization until the happiness of this person in your visualization causes you to be happy. If you are unable to do this initially, don’t worry: just keep practicing! If you are able to successfully complete this exercise, you will have accomplished a great deal.

These two practices may seem simple, but they are extremely effective. The key is to continue to practice them any time you can think about them. The more that you practice them, the more often you will be in 5D until eventually the 5th dimension becomes your permanent state of mind.

Image credit: Okan Caliskan and Nicolás Damián Visceglio.