Understanding Sexual Desire

There is a lot of attention in the media these days in regards to inappropriate sexual behavior. A big part of the problem is that there is very little understanding about sexual desire and how it works. In this article, I will explain what causes the desire for sex, and what you should know in order to prevent being controlled by it. 

Creative Energy

To understand what causes sexual desire, we need to first understand a concept that I will call creative energy (AKA sexual energy). Everyone has creative energy, and we all choose whether or not to use it, and how. Creative energy is present in each person’s energy field (also known as one’s “aura”), and will normally be located between the root chakra (at the bottom of the torso) and the heart chakra.

When we are engaged in a creative task, such as writing, painting, singing, dancing, etc., we are using creative energy. But at times we are passionate about what we are doing, and get lost in the process. At other times, we are uninspired and simply “going through the motions”. 

At the times when we are passionate about the creative process, there is a gateway that opens up in our heart chakras that lets the creative energy flow to the upper part of our bodies. The creative energy then reaches our higher chakras, and results in creations that could be called “divinely inspired”. If we fail to open our hearts and love what we are doing, our creations will end up being dull, uninspiring, and unsatisfying. The creative energy during such tasks will remain in the lower half of the torso.

energetics of creative energy

The Masculine/Feminine Energy Balance

Another concept that relates to sexual desire is the balance of masculine and feminine energies in the body. Each person has a balance of both energies, but there is usually more of one than the other. A person who regards themselves as having mainly masculine traits will have a greater balance of masculine energy, and vice versa. 

Note that presence of masculine and feminine traits is not tied to gender. I.e., a female can have mainly masculine traits, and vice versa. Some people will be more equally balanced, but most people generally consider themselves to have more traits of one or the other.

Sexual Desire

Imbalances of energy in the body cause tension (either consciously or subconsciously). Two causes of tension are:

  1. A buildup of creative energy at the root chakra
  2. An imbalance of masculine and feminine energies

It is important to note that sexual intercourse can relieve the imbalance of these energies. Therefore, the imbalance of these energies leads to sexual tension, which in turn causes the desire for sex.

Let’s look at how the balance of energies is restored:

When two partners have sexual intercourse, there is a lot of activity at the energetic level. One of the things that can happen is that the heart chakras can connect to each other. This occurs if the partners are actively feeling love for each other during the love-making session. And when the heart chakras open, the creative energy can now flow into the upper part of the energy field, releasing the buildup of energy at the root chakra.

Secondly, the root chakras of the partners can also connect. However, this will only occur if the partners feel sincerely safe and trust each other. And when both the heart and root chakras are connected, the partners are capable of balancing each other’s masculine/feminine energy imbalances. (Note: the caveat here is that the two partners must have a complimentary imbalance. I.e., one partner must have more masculine energy, and the other more feminine energy.)

Compulsive Sexual Behavior

Sometimes, sexual intercourse will feel “unsatisfying”. This is what happens when sex fails to relieve the tension caused by the energy imbalances. The main reason for unsatisfying sex is due to having sexual intercourse with a partner purely for sexual gratification. As a result, the heart chakras will not connect, and the sexual tension will not be released.

Very often, casual sex will not be satisfying. This will lead to the desire to continue to want more and more sex. People who have a lot of sex are thought of as having “high sex drives”. In popular society, this is thought of as a good thing, but in reality it is simply a symptom of “bad sex”. Couples who are able to satisfy themselves and their partners do not constantly desire sex. In contrast, people who cannot relieve their sexual tension can become controlled by it, leading to inappropriate behavior and sex addiction. (Please note that this is not the only reason for sex addiction, but it is one of them.) 

Dealing with Sexual Tension

It is important to note that (satisfying) sexual intercourse is not the only way to relieve sexual tension. Let’s look at the two energy imbalances and how they can be achieved by other means.

Creative energy buildup: as noted before, the buildup of creative energy is expended via creative activities. Another way of releasing this energy is via regular, strenuous physical activity. For those who do not currently have a sexual partner, a healthy combination of the two may be appropriate. 

Masculine/Feminine balance: as people mature and spiritually evolve, they will naturally develop a more healthy balance of masculine and feminine qualities. Therefore, personal development is a way of helping relieve sexual tension, but it is possibly a long-term solution (depending on the person).


Sexual desire is a result of energetic imbalances in a person’s energy field. Healthy sexual intercourse can relieve this pressure. A “high sex” drive is an indication of “unsatisfactory sex” (i.e. sex that does not relieve the energetic imbalances that are causing sexual tension). Sexual tension is released by having sex with a partner with whom there are aspects of trust and love. Consequently, satisfactory sex is more likely within the context of committed relationships (as opposed to casual sex). 

Things to consider:

People without children: those without children have more creative energy at their disposal (raising children expends creative energy). Therefore, people without children have the potential of using this extra energy to produce, invent, and create in ways that may not be possible for those who are raising children.

Abstinence: abstinence is not “spiritually better” than being sexually active. At some point, everyone has to learn how to control and master their sexual and creative energy, whether in this lifetime or the next. For those who have already mastered sexual energy, abstinence can be used to develop advanced spiritual skills that require the use of one’s total creative energy.