Raising Your Vibrations: A Practical Technique

At times spirituality can seem a bit complicated, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Significant progress can be made simply by doing one thing: raising one’s vibrations. If you work on doing this even a few minutes a day, it can have a significant impact on yourself and your life.

I think it is important to point out that the concept of raising one’s vibrations has been taught (but either ignored or misunderstood) for centuries. One of the reasons for this is that when a spiritual teaching is repeated very often, it tends to lose its meaning. Therefore, it is important to continually explain the same principles but with different words. Let’s check out one of the best examples, which is found in the New Testament of the Bible.

When asked which commandment was the most important, Jesus replied to “love God with all one’s heart.” He then suggested that to love one’s neighbor as oneself is the second greatest commandment.

Unfortunately, few people seem to truly understand what Jesus was saying, partly because the idea of God has been somewhat perverted by religion. So let’s “modernize” the language in order to make it more clear what was being said.

Pretend, if you will, that Master Jesus is alive today and is a speaker at a spiritual workshop. Let’s further suggest that he is onstage and taking questions from the audience. If we were to update the conversation from the Bible, it might go something like this:

Spiritual Seeker: Hi Jesus, can you please tell us the fastest way to gain enlightenment?

Jesus: Yes I can, it’s actually very simple. Just “be love”.

Spiritual Seeker: I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand. Can you perhaps explain that a different way?

Jesus: Sure. What you want to do is love all other people as you so desperately wish to be loved yourself.

Spiritual Seeker: Oh, OK. Thank you. (And thinking to him or herself: “Love everyone? He can’t be serious? My neighbor Fred is a jerk! Is he really suggesting I should love that guy? Thanks, but no thanks…I’ll find another way to reach enlightenment. Maybe the guy in the next conference room has some better ideas.”)

In this example, I’ve removed the concept of God completely as in our current society, this word actually hinders comprehension. Note that although the message is more clear to a modern audience, the acceptance of this concept is not. As simple as the message is, the idea of loving others is not something that the ego is ever ready to hear.

The Practice

Although the idea of raising one’s vibrations is simple enough, it is not so easy to put this concept into practice. Spiritual progress takes time and patience. One of the biggest stumbling blocks is that people want results quickly, or they become impatient and look for an answer somewhere else. 

But you cannot speed up spiritual progress. It will come slowly at first, and for a while it won’t even be noticeable. This is because the first stage is analogous to planting a seed. You won’t notice the initial changes because they are happening “underground”. But with patience and persistence a sprout will appear. 

When it comes to raising vibrations, a simple beginning technique is to sit quietly for a few minutes each day and open your heart to love for yourself and others. Allow yourself to really feel the loving energy as you allow it to grow and flourish.

It is important to be as consistent as possible with this practice. But even more important is to never give up. Even if you miss a day, it is OK as long as you continue to practice. 

The next stage of your practice is the final one. Practice opening your heart to everyone at every moment of the day. You of course won’t be able to do this all the time, but this is only a practice after all. Your goal is to remember to have your heart open as often as you can remember. This won’t be easy, but again the important thing is to never give up.

In what is likely the distant future, there may come a day when opening yourself up to love for everyone and every life situation becomes automatic. You will wake up feeling love, go about your day feeling refreshed and full of energy, and go to bed with a big smile on your face and a complete lack of stress or anxiety. This might seem impossible at the moment, but it will only stay impossible if you don’t work towards this goal. As long as you consistently practice raising your vibrations, absolutely nothing is impossible.

Photo by Vlada Karpovich