Spiritual Plain Talk about Covid, Vaccinations, and Masks


From the perspective of the ego, there is good and there is bad. The ego judges everything based on what it thinks it needs in life in order to be happy. Therefore, good health is desired and sickness is feared.

From a spiritual perspective, Life/God has a tendency to give us what we need, even if it is not what we think we need at that time. Note that the ego loves to pretend it understands such concepts in order to feel superior to others, and repeats them like mantras. But when such actual moments occur, the ego conveniently throws all spiritual concepts out of the window.

Take for example, the 2004 Tsunami near Indonesia that led to the deaths of 230,000 people. To the ego, this was a tragedy. Such an event was “terrible” and should not have happened. But from a spiritual perspective, this was a world-changing occurrence. The event led to the uniting of humanity in a way that was perhaps never experienced before in human history. The love and compassion that unfolded from this event literally changed the entire planet. 

The ego can never see the beauty of such moments. It is not concerned with humanity; it is only concerned with itself. But there is a twist: while the ego will condemn tragedy as “wrong”, it is secretly addicted to tragedy and drama. The more pain that the ego sees occurring, the more that it can fear that something bad will eventually happen to itself. In other words, it is through the creation of drama that the ego exists.

In Maureen St Germain’s book, “Waking up in 5D”, she explains that every painful situation in our lives, no matter how small, is an event that can help us to open up our hearts. These events help us to expand our experience of who we are, and therefore a necessary part of our spiritual growth. But the ego can’t see the benefit of what happens to us; only the pain.

Ego Perspective

Think of the ego as a child who is learning to ride a bike. When the child falls off the bike, there is pain. So the ego now equates falling with pain. But what the ego doesn’t do is look at the entire process as a benefit of learning to ride. Instead, the ego only knows that falling (failing) equals pain, and can’t see the bigger picture that the entire experience leads to growth and eventual success.

In addition to fearing pain at the personal level, the ego is likewise blind to the benefits of painful experiences that happen at the “group level”. The Alice Bailey compilation “Ponder on This,” mentions the great good that occurred as a result of World War I. Although this war resulted in an incredible amount of human suffering, this suffering brought about the unity of humanity. Suffering was occurring on both sides of the battlefield, and this common suffering led to a collective sense of humanity that was greater than anything previously felt.

From an ego perspective, the idea that any good can come from bloodshed is blasphemy. But then again, from the ego perspective, the idea that we are the creators of our lives is also blasphemy. The ego lives via the creation of drama and judgement. If we were to recognize our own power and responsibility, the ego could no longer exist.

The Covid Virus: a Reset

For many months now, there has been a lot of debate about how the virus was created and why it exists. Theories range from the possibility that the virus was a natural occurrence to the idea that it is an artificially-created weapon designed to “kill us all”. From a spiritual perspective, it makes no difference.

Over a year ago, the spiritual being known as Kryon (as channeled by Lee Carol) mentioned to us that the Covid appeared to us “right on schedule.” This was a hint that under the facade of so-called tragedy, this virus had a Divine and loving mission to carry out. I understand that these words themselves are controversial, but once again I must emphasize that it is only the ego that reacts with outrage. To understand Covid from a spiritual perspective, we need to get out of our drama-creating egos and into our unconditionally-loving hearts.

The virus, like so many other so-called “tragedies”, is providing humanity with a reset. There are many people currently alive in this world who are stuck in old and destructive patterns of behavior. Many people are addicted to drama and fear, but do not even realize it, much less understand how to escape. As if an answer to a prayer, the virus provides for the opportunity – on a large scale – for such souls to escape from their current entrapments and start anew. In other words, the virus is allowing for a great “reset” of humanity, which is releasing the old energy while welcoming in the new.

This is not to say that the virus is only taking the lives of people who are “trapped.” On the contrary, there are many reasons why people are leaving their current lives behind. But from a spiritual perspective, the ultimate reason behind each death is love. This is not something that the ego will be able to comprehend. But we do need to cultivate faith that what we are experiencing has its foundation in love, and is part of the Divine plan.

The Vaccination Question

The covid virus has sparked intense debates about public health versus personal freedom. Two issues in particular concern vaccinations and the wearing of masks. Let’s start with vaccinations.

First and foremost, the spiritual path is to recognize that we will always experience what is in our highest good (and not the good of the ego). If we have learned the lesson about personal power and faith, we have no reason to fear the virus, even if we are to fall ill from it. And for those that fear the virus, the effect that this fear has on weakening our immune systems will eventually provide us with wisdom concerning the futility of fear.

In general, nothing can harm us unless we allow it (on a conscious or subconscious level). Let’s consider for a moment the concept of “voodoo” (or black magic). Most people don’t believe in it, and therefore it cannot harm them. But for those that live in a culture that believes in this concept, voodoo is very real and can have definite harmful effects.

But to believe that something is real is not enough. We must also judge it. In other words, we must not only believe that a thing exists, but we also must believe that it is “bad.” Once this judgement has been made, we will necessarily fear it. And this fear is what allows us to be susceptible to harm from it. Think of fear as your permission for something to harm you. When you fear something, you are literally telling the object: “I give you permission to hurt me.” 

Side note: the ego loves to twist the truth at every opportunity. In this case, the ego will suggest that anyone who contracts the virus must have been afraid of it. That is not what is being said here. What I’m saying is that fear makes us susceptible, but there may be other pre-existing conditions that also make us susceptible to Covid.

When it comes to vaccinations, many people fear that it is harmful to their health. As a result, they are giving the vaccine permission to harm them. An alternative to this approach is to claim one’s personal power.

Just as fearing the virus is a choice, fearing the vaccine is also a choice. As an alternative, anyone who takes the vaccine can set an intention that the vaccine will cause no harm. An example of such an intention would be “may anything in this vaccine that is not in my highest good be eliminated from my body without ill effect.” In general, a person does not need to fear the vaccine any more than they need to fear the virus. It is a choice.


Regardless of the issue at hand, the path of the ego is one of separation. A favorite way to create separation is via endless debate over who is right and who is wrong. But from a spiritual perspective, each person has their own truth to live by, and there is no reason to debate.

Sometimes, an issue might seem to encroach on a personal truth, such as the mandate to wear a mask. But in any situation, including the mask debate, it is important to keep the following questions in mind: “What is this situation teaching me about love? What is it that is preventing me from having unconditional love for others under these present circumstances? How can I cultivate love in this current situation?”

 In other words, it is necessary to stop approaching situations as a limitation of personal freedom, and start treating them as the life lessons that they are. Each moment in life is an opportunity to cultivate a greater and more expansive expression of love for self and others.

Before we consider a spiritual approach to the mask mandates, let’s consider what is currently happening. Some people think that wearing masks is necessary to protect public health. Their egos believe that they are right, and they show little (if any) consideration, compassion, or understanding for those that do not want to wear masks. On the other side, there are those who believe that masks are not only useless virtue signaling, but are also harmful to health. These people do not show compassion for the beliefs and fears of the pro-mask crowd, but are focused solely on their own interests. As a result, hate and separation is occurring.

This separation leads to “painful” life lessons on both sides. Those who seek mask mandates become fearful and angry towards anyone not wearing a mask, and as a result they become more susceptible to illness. And those that oppose masks become fearful of the harmful effects of masks, which in turn leads to a higher chance of illness while wearing one. The irony is that the fear on both sides causes an increased susceptibility for illness. This in turns leads to higher cases of illness (which will then either accurately or inaccurately be reported as Covid cases).

The spiritual approach to masks is to act out of love. If you “believe in masks”, you can honor the decision of those that decide not to wear masks and choose to love both mask wearers and non-mask wearers alike. If you wear a mask out of respect for the health of others, you can also set an intention that it protects your own health (regardless as to whether the mask can do so from a scientific perspective). You can also refrain from wearing a mask where it is not mandated, and instead set an intention that no harm will come to you. In other words, let your intention be your “spiritual mask.”

If you don’t believe in masks, you can set the intention that the mask will not harm you in any way, and that your health will not suffer in any way. Visualize yourself breathing in what you need for your health, despite the presence of the mask. You can treat your mask as a symbol of love for your fellow human beings (even if you don’t believe in their effect). Consider wearing masks as a way of making others feel more comfortable, and a method of reducing fear. Resist your ego’s insistence that wearing a mask will show that you are “giving in” or “giving up something”.

Regardless of the approach that you take, you should refrain from debating or even discussing your motives. If asked, simply say that what you are doing is your personal choice. For example, to suggest that you are “wearing a mask out of love” is still the ego’s way of gaining spiritual superiority and choosing sides. 


Sometimes in spirituality you will hear the phrase “life does not happen to you, it happens for you.” This phrase focuses on the fact that what happens to us in life is for a reason, and is ultimately beneficial. But with such a focus, it is easy to forget another important truth: that we are the ones creating what happens in our lives. If we don’t recognize this, we could easily fall into a pattern of blind acceptance of everything that comes our way.

One way to think about the spiritual path is that it is the transition from unconsciously creating our lives (via the ego) to consciously creating our lives (via our higher/Divine selves). Part of this process is taking responsibility for what we are unconsciously creating at this time. And that means not just at the personal level, but the global level as well.

It is tempting to believe that we have no personal responsibility for global events. For example, we could believe that war is the result of deranged leaders, or covid is the result of unethical experiments by a few scientists. But this is far from the case. All major events that happen on this planet occur due to the collective co-creation of humanity.

Let’s use World War I for as an example. We could blame this event on the actions of a few leaders, a select few nations, or limit the blame to only those who actively took part. But in fact, such a war could not have occurred without the collective “help” of all of humanity.

Each thought of hate against another person sparks the creation of energy that will eventually combine to form a physical manifestation of conflict. War is nothing more than the manifestation of the collective personal thoughts of hate that individuals have for one another. If you hate your manager or your mother-in-law, you are contributing to the manifestation of violence on this planet. As is so bluntly stated in the book “Ponder on This”: if you do not love your brother, you are a murderer. (And as has just been pointed out, this statement should be taken literally, not figuratively.)

When it comes to Covid, it does not matter if it was artificially created in a lab by others. A creation such as this virus could not have manifested itself without the unconscious participation of the world population. The collective mistrust and fear that we have toward each other, our leaders, and the future was the catalyst that allowed such a virus to come into being. And the number of people the virus and its variants continue to infect is a direct result of how much of our power we continue to give over to it (which is  a direct result of how much we collectively decide to fear it).

We are all responsible for our creations and their effects, and the way that we now respond to Covid is of utmost importance. Right now, we are reacting to the virus with fear. This reaction is analogous to a person who tries to suppress their negative emotions: it doesn’t work and is simply increasing the scope of the problem. But if we recognize that we have created this virus, then we must also understand that we can create a different reality. Consequently, by recognizing our own power we also realize that there is nothing to fear. Instead, we can simply take responsibility for what we have done and consciously decide to start creating a different reality.