This articles of the site are written by Jeremy Elliott.

The Spiritual Framework

The blog is written from the framework of a spiritual perspective. This framework recognizes the following:

  • Ascended Masters
  • Reincarnation and karma
  • Free will and Divine Will
  • The Higher Self (Inner Self)
  • Ascension and Enlightenment
  • Spiritual evolution between lives and after ascension
  • The Rays of God
  • Psychic Abilities (AKA spiritual gifts)
  • Angels, Archangels, Elohim (creators), spiritual guides
  • Astral world, 5th+ dimensions
  • Energy Healing and Holistic Medicine
  • Duality and the Unitive State
  • Ancient civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis
  • Aliens (AKA starseeds or starpeople)
  • Individuals are 100% responsible for creating their own reality
  • “As without, so within. As above, so below.”
  • The principles of quantum physics
  • Heaven as a state of consciousness
  • The goal of spiritual evolution to become co-creators with God

 Major influences

The perspectives on this blog are heavily influence by the following:

  • The teachings of Jesus Christ (both from the New Testament and A Course in Miracles)
  • Joel S. Goldsmith (1892 – 1964), spiritual healer
  • Dr. Joshua David Stone (1953 – 2005), spiritual teacher
  • The Pathwork Lectures channeled by Eva Pierrakos
  • Byron Katie (1942 – ), spiritual teacher
  • Adyashanti (1962 – ), spiritual teacher
  • Ascended Master Hilarion, as channeled by Maurice B. Cook
  • Kryon, as channeled by Lee Carrol


Much of my knowledge and spiritual philosophy is derived from the sources listed in the bibliography.