Are You Ready to Turn Your Life Around?

I help people who feel lost, trapped, or discouraged by life. People whose lives are in turmoil, in physical pain, or suffering intense emotional pain. Are you ready to change your life?


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If you are severely depressed, in emotional or physical pain, or seem to have no energy, then reiki could be a good choice for you. In a Reiki session, the practitioner channels life-force energy into the client’s body. The results include increased energy, emotional and physical pain relief, and a greater sense of well-being.

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In-Office Reiki Options
1 Hour (recommended for first session)
30 Minutes

If you would like a reiki session with me but are not local to the Chattanooga area, I offer long-distance reiki sessions. Long-distance sessions are also convenient for those with a contagious illness (such as the flu), and for older or disabled clients who cannot move about easily.

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Long-Distance Reiki Options
1 Hour
30 Minutes

One of the biggest challenges of being in a relationship is asking for what you truly want from your partner. There can be a lot of fear or even shame involved in asking for ones needs. Therapeutic Touch (sometimes referred to as "Professional Cuddling") uses platonic physical touch to practice how to recognize what you really want, and then helps you build the courage and confidence to ask for it without feeling guilty.

Therapeutic Touch can also be used as a means of acquiring physical touch if it is lacking in one’s life. It is great for single people who are between relationships, anyone going through a difficult breakup or divorce, people with disabilities, and anyone who has lost a spouse.

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Therapeutic Touch Options
1 Hour
90 Minutes