Introduction to Professional Therapeutic Touch (AKA Professional Cuddling)

Touch deprivation can feel like loneliness, stress, and a sense of something missing. Professional therapeutic touch soothes the unmet need for healthy connection. It provides a safe way to harness the stress-reducing biochemistry of the human body.

Therapeutic Touch is consensual, platonic touch. All sessions are held in a safe, platonic environment based on clear communication and consent.

What Are the Benefits of Cuddling?

A session can greatly benefit clients with:
• Managing anxiety and depression
• Communicating boundaries, needs and wants
• Developing a sense of empowerment or have experienced having their agency taken away
• Recovering from abuse and resulting trauma: sexual, physical, psychological and emotional
• Improving low self-esteem and struggling with body image
• Overcoming codependency in relationships and related attachment disorders

Who Can Benefit From Cuddling?

Sessions can be a great benefit for anyone who:
• Has recently gone through a breakup in a relationship
• Is anxious or stressed with being in an intimate relationship
• Would like to practice maintaining boundaries (such as saying “no” when uncomfortable)
• Is a military veteran with PTSD
• Is disabled or elderly and having trouble getting physical touch needs met
• Wants more human touch in his or her life

Videos about Therapeutic Touch (Professional Cuddling)

Professional Cuddling explained – exploring and enjoying platonic physical touch:

A Professional Cuddler in NYC: